The Signwriting Company

of Bridgnorth offers masonry and stone engraved signs and nameplates for domestic and commercial use and can produce:

Bespoke, stylish sign engraving

is designed to your requirements. If you want anartisitic sign engraved in stone for your business or home, The Signwriting Company, based in Bridgnorth Shropshire can provide exactly what you need to get noticed. Top qualitygranite, marble and stone is used and offered at competitive prices. All

carved house nameplates, plaques, signs, decications

and other pieces are hond-engraved at our studio in Bridgnorth in Shropshire. We offerbespoke stone engaraving at affordable prices, using the very best stone available such as:
  1. Granite
  2. Marble
  3. Portland Stone
  4. Slate
  5. Sandstone
So fortop quality, bespoke stone engraving , contact The Signwriting Company of Bridgnorth, Shropshire on for a quotation today!
Types of Blasting
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire letter relief
Letter Relief

This is where only the letters are blasted out, leaving the background untouched. This is both very common and cost effective. However it usually means that the letters are painted (adding to the cost).

Painting letters can help improve the visual impact, making the sign visually more attractive and easier to read from greater distance.

We use a high quality sign writing enamel for maximum life span. Which is available in 7 standard colours, white, black, gold, silver, red, green and blue. Other colours are available on request.

Background Relief

Is where the letters are raised from the stone. We do this by removing material from around the background leaving the letter intact.

This type of blasting means that the letters do not need painting to achieve a good impact factor.

The background can be painted to give further accentuation of the lettering.

The same range of colours as Letter Relief are also available.
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire granite background relief
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire stone brushed reliefRelief Brushed

This house number sign has had the background relieved and then been lightly brushed, this lifts the natural colour in the slate. The brushed effect is only currently available in slate.
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire stone relief blastedRelief Blasted

This is the same sign as above except this image was taken prior to the brushing process. This
un-brushed finish is slightly course, and has a better contrast ratio.