The Signwriting Company

of Bridgnorth offers masonry and stone engraved signs and nameplates for domestic and commercial use and can produce:

Bespoke, stylish sign engraving

is designed to your requirements. If you want anartisitic sign engraved in stone for your business or home, The Signwriting Company, based in Bridgnorth Shropshire can provide exactly what you need to get noticed. Top qualitygranite, marble and stone is used and offered at competitive prices. All

carved house nameplates, plaques, signs, decications

and other pieces are hond-engraved at our studio in Bridgnorth in Shropshire. We offerbespoke stone engaraving at affordable prices, using the very best stone available such as:
  1. Granite
  2. Marble
  3. Portland Stone
  4. Slate
  5. Sandstone
So fortop quality, bespoke stone engraving , contact The Signwriting Company of Bridgnorth, Shropshire on for a quotation today!
Fonts and Detail Finishing
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire
A wide range of fonts are available, or we can recreate a font you might have already used in a previous sign or one you have seen else where. This will be covered in your design brief, advised by our art team or by the client.

Many standard fonts can be used, for example the fonts you may use on your computer.

The font in the example shown is a direct copy of clients original sign made from wood.

The letters/detail in most cases can be painted or gilded. We offer a wide a range of colours to suite your preference or we can gild the item in a variety of inert metals.
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire

Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire

Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire
Metals available
The metals shown will add real lustre, impact and longevity.

All paints and metals are very well suited to exterior use.

Paints are guaranteed to last for 7years outside and the gold leaf can last for nearly 20 years depending on conditions.

Samples are available and we would be delighted to provide them on request.
Signwriting Bridgnorth Shropshire
We also offer a bespoke motif design service or we can duplicate a wide variety images, objects and turn them to stone!

Using the latest CNC machinery we can a achieve a very precise, high end finish whilst keeping cost down.

The example shown is an English/French floral motif on a Carrara marble fire surround, gilded with 24ct Gold.

Please note: All engraved or relieved details, in most materials can be painted or gilded.
However, highly porous stones are not suitable for accurate painting due to ''colour leeching'' caused by highly porous or low density stones. Client will be advised on deign brief.